This is weCare™
Smart communication and planning for relatives.
Make it easier to work with others to provide care for the elderly. Put your name on the waiting list, and make your day-to-day life as a relative easier.
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Why use weCare?

Gather your family together

Download the app and gather your family in a group. You invite others to join using their mobile numbers. Remember to invite everyone who helps out. You can also invite friends and neighbours.

Keep each other updated

Let your family know that you’ve been to visit the elderly person, and what you did together. Leave important messages for the person who’ll be visiting the next day.

Create opportunities for fun and activities

Get practical advice from health workers about how to ensure an active day-to-day life for the elderly person.

Improve cooperation, improve day-to-day life

weCare keeps the whole family updated, and motivates you along the way. We offer you the security you need.

How does weCare work?

Tell each other what’s been happening

Short messages about what happened today.
Plan what will be happening next week. This way, the whole family is kept up-to-date.

Get health advice

What are the elderly person’s care needs? Get exactly the advice you need, developed by health personnel.

Learn something new

We show you what you can do to help the elderly person to stay in shape.

Cooperative partners

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